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After Suicide


The Inquest & The Missing Letter

The Inquest into Jake’s death was scheduled for 3rd December 2015. The support and guidance I received from the Coroners Office was professional, informative and sensitive. Despite this, nothing can really prepare you for an Inquest into the untimely death of your...

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The Serious Incident Review & The Missing Letter

Jake's untimely death by hanging triggered a 'Serious Incident Review' carried out by the GMW Mental Health Trust. I was invited to attend a meeting at the trust on 07/10/2015 with Ms. F, Service Manager CMHT and EIT.  The meeting lasted over an hour and a half and I...

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Know that your flight makes a difference

A beautiful poem written for Jake by one of his lovely and talented friends Hannah Dixon I hope you know that your flight makes a difference. I hope you know that you are worth more than the memories we have with you, that you are worth more than every ripple that...

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“Where is this going to end??”

This was the question that I asked in desperation on 21st May 2015  to one of the agencies involved with Jake's care. Well, It ended with Jake's suicide on the morning of Sunday 23rd August 2015. The previous day, Jake attended an important appointment  (20th May...

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The Paramedics & The Mortuary

The events of Sunday 23rd August 2015 are forever etched in my mind. This was the day that Jake took his own life and the day that time became irrelevant, as it will always seem like yesterday. I want to share something in this blog about  the paramedics who attended...

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Get In Touch

Sometimes having someone else to talk to can be an enormous help at such a difficult time. So please feel free to drop me a line using the form below and I promise to get back to you.